Episode 2: Hide & Seek

She did it again!  It took me forever to find Ma’s recipe box.  I had to pull all the cookbooks off the shelf in the pantry.  She hid it behind my grandma’s church cookbook!  Okay, let’s look in this thing.  Hmm, p, p, p, nope no party salad, maybe it’s under j for Jello. Nope.  Hmm, there’s a plastic baggie here in the ds.  This is weird.  There’s a 3 x 5 recipe card here inscribed “Recipe for Disaster” and an old faded bulky envelope addressed to:

Lillian Van Garden
107 Sleepy Hollow Way
Hawthorne, Kansas

                That’s my great-grandma!  The return address says Biddle & Forester Attorneys at Law, St. Louis, Missouri.  How odd.  The postmark shows this letter arrived almost fifty years ago.  I was ten when it was postmarked.  Boy, this is frail, I better be careful not to damage anything.  Hmm, there’s a skeleton key here with this old letter.

Dear Mrs. Van Garden,

                I wish to inform you of your recent inheritance.  Your great-grandfather’s estate has been held in trust for three generations as per his last will and testament.  You are the last remaining heir in the third generation, so, now, whereas, the property, its contents, and land located at 114 Hope Lane, Cahoika Junction, Missouri will be transferred to you upon the receipt of the enclosed form with your notarized signature.

                There’s a bunch more whereas and wherefores and no form. Hopefully, it was signed and sent since great-grandma Lillie passed away a year after the date of this letter. No one has ever mentioned to me that this property even existed.  I really wonder why Mom didn’t tell me about it.  None the less, she’s tellin me about it now in her own way. I’d better take this letter home with me and put the key in my purse so’s I don’t lose it. Well, it’s late; I’ll have to post more on this later.  I’d better make a to-do list.  This is going to be quite the project!

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