Episode 1: Starting Anew

My ma is terrible at filing her papers.  At least my trip to the county courthouse was fruitful.  She paid attention to the way Dad left his affairs and transferred the deed to me upon her death.  So sad, that she passed on Christmas day.  Making the two hour trip back and forth to settle her estate is starting to wear me out.  Can’t wait ‘til I get this done, ‘coz now that we’re in the New Year, I suppose it’s time for me to do something new. I’m glad Ma had a housekeeper so’s I don’t have to clean the house too.  First things first, I wonder where she keeps her secrets.  You know, the older we get the more secrets we keep.  I found some interesting newspaper clippings hinting towards some of our family history when looking for her important papers.  She never told me much about her side of the family.  Apparently, there was some falling out and scandalous events on both sides.  I recently found on my pa’s side there is a murderer but more on that later.  On Ma’s side, her dad’s parents were immigrants from Croatia and he was orphaned at the age of three.  But for now, I’m interested in her ma’s side.  There doesn’t seem to be much information other than a genealogy family tree of names of who’s who.  Well, I’ve already been through all the papers in the house and only found a few photos and bits and pieces of information on her mom’s side of the family.  Oh, hold the horses!!  I just remembered somethin’ she said right before she passed.  She wanted me to make her favorite Jello Party Salad for her funeral.  Well, I goofed and forgot to do it.  I wonder if she left that recipe in her recipe box.  Since it was such an odd request, I wonder if she left a clue with that recipe.  Oh, look at the time.  I better go for now and get back to this later.

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