Episode 3: Party Time

This here’s my last trip to Ma’s.  It won’t be too sad to sell the house since I didn’t grow up here.  Pa was a preachin’ man sos they moved around a bit before settlin’ down for retirement.  I talked with the real estate lady and we decided to throw a humdinger of a party in the house to help sells it.  Yes, I made big batches of Jello Party Salad since I goofed and didn’t do it at the funeral.  Glad we’re almost done here. My son come down with me and we have the U-haul loaded with the personal belongings expecially Ma’s paintins.  She was quite the artist in her later years.  I’s gonna leave the ones at the gallery downtown ‘coz  I knowed she was okay with sellin’ ‘em.  Once they sells, I’s creatin’ a art scholarship fund for somes high school kids. To makes it easy on myself, I’s sellin’ the house with all the furniture except for a few sentimental family pieces like the antique porch rockers.  Wanna get home sos I can start findin’ out more about the secret family property.  I’s tried to find some stuff out about the area online, but not much there.  Cahoika Junction’s not even there any more.  Guess it’s nuttin’ but a ghost town.  I did find that it’s in Cahoika county and the county seat is Lewiston.  When I’s tried to call the courthouse, I gots the recordin’ sayin’ that it’s only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 2.  Whoever heard of such a thing! Hmm, the man said his name’s Henry on the recordin’. He sounded kinda weird like my cousin Martin. Martin’s got this kinda speech impediment, but he’s from the old country, so’s I guess I’s can overlook that. Now, this must be a whole ghost county since they’s only open eight hours a week.  Man oh man.  I’s startin’ to see why Magave this the name “Recipe for Disaster”.  Well I’s suppose I’d best be getting’ around to spiffiying up for the party.  Oh, there’s the bell, must be the real estate lady.  She thinks most of the town will be here ‘coz they wants to pay their last respects one more time.

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