Episode 4: Home Sweet Home

Whew! I’s bushed!  Got home yesterday.  As soon’s I walked in the door, the real estate lady was callin’, she says they’s a full cash offer on the house.  The elderly couple next door is buyin’ the house so’s their daughter and her family can be close enough to help them in their senior years.  What a blessin’!  That also means I’s gonna have some extra cash to runs out to Cahoika county to sees what’s up.   I knows all ‘bout small towns.  Gots all Ma’s stuff stowed in the basement.  So, now nuttin’s keeping me from pursuing this here new project.  Fortunate too that my son lives about an hour from the Cahoika area.  Well now, here’s some of what I found out all ready.  215 miles, a three and half hour drive from home.  So’s that means havin’ to stay out there fors a bit.  Okay, lookin’ on the map, I saws a Brickhouse B & B and Winery in Lewiston which is five miles from where Cahoika Junction used to be.  I thought I was outta luck when they said they’s just closed up for the rest of the winter nows the holidays is over.  The lady was so nice when I told her what’s up.  She’s renting me the whole house for the next couple a months for a fourth of the cost and I can take my sweet calico kitty, Sable, with me.  She’s leavin’ the internet and landline connected sos I can do me research and makes calls if I’s has no cell service.  Hmm, looks like this is all fallin’ into place.  The only catch is I’s has to runned out there tomorra as it’s Saturday and the owners has plans to fly to Florida to their winter home on Sunday mornin’  Caught ‘em just in time!  Good thing I’s took early retirement when my hubby got sick and passed on.  Yep, he passed on to a younger woman. Glad she’s nursin’ ‘im and not me. I’s startin’ to feel like thems early pioneers.  Only just a bit backwards, I’s heading east not west!

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