Episode 6: Ghostly Expedition

Wells its been a heck of a week! Roy and me did a lot of explorin’ after talkin’ with the lawyers. The lawyers is real good about takin’ cares of things. And, yep, theys distant cousins too. Also, ayep, I’s the clear owner of it all! The instructions left with the trust was that the lawyers could invest in order to grow it over the years. So when peoples left Cahoika Junction, the law firm bought up the properties left behind with the money in the trust. Now Is the owner of a entire ghost town! Roy and me got some gear and headed out on Tuesday mornin’. It was a bumpy ride, glad we had the four wheel SUV. Lots of stuff to wander through. Most of it in good shape. The lawyers sent construction workers out sos to be sure ta save the best of the buildin’s. Theys a town hall, one-room church and schoolroom, saloon, cafĂ©, general store, half a dozen houses, and the main homestead that Homer and Esther lived in. We spent most of our days this week goin’ through their house to see what was left behind. The house was a big surprise. It was an ‘ol Queen Anne Victorian. All the wood work inside was preserved by time. We could feel the ghosts of the past as we walked through the halls and rooms. The whole house was spooky. It was like they locked up and walked out. We did our first diggin’ in the attic. Struck gold! Found pics of some ancestors, old letters, and some nifty antiques. One of the letters I found sent chills up me spine:

To all the ladies who are yet to be born in my future generations,
Don’t let the men in your life dissuade you, hang on to your dreams, and enjoy the blessings you are given. Esther

The letter was dated December 24th, 1919. Is found an obit stating she died the next day, Christmas day, ‘xactly a hunerd years afore Ma.

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