Life, Times, & Adventures

  • Episode 1: Starting Anew
    My ma is terrible at filing her papers.  At least my trip to the county courthouse was fruitful.  She paid attention to the way Dad […]
  • Episode 2: Hide & Seek
    She did it again!  It took me forever to find Ma’s recipe box.  I had to pull all the cookbooks off the shelf in the […]
  • Episode 3: Party Time
    This here’s my last trip to Ma’s.  It won’t be too sad to sell the house since I didn’t grow up here.  Pa was a […]
  • Episode 4: Home Sweet Home
    Whew! I’s bushed!  Got home yesterday.  As soon’s I walked in the door, the real estate lady was callin’, she says they’s a full cash […]
  • Episode 5: Eastward Ho!
    Finally time for some rest.  Got here to the Brickhouse yesterday mornin’.  George and Martha, they’s the owners, showed me around town and introduced me […]